What's New

New updates and improvements to Tansy

Free Tool - Amortization Calculator

If you're considering obtaining a loan for a house, car, etc., you can now use Tansy's amortization calculator to calculate your monthly payment, see the amortization schedule, total interest paid, and total cost of the loan.

Click here to head over to the calculator!

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Table View is Here!

Now you can easily scroll through the table view to see your upcoming events and forecast amount. Scroll to below the Calendar to see the table view on your Tansy dashboard.
Table View

Calendar View is Here!

We've added a calendar view to Tansy. You can see all of your past and upcoming income and expenses in a calendar format. On each day of the calendar you can see each income or expense event along with your daily cashflow forecast amount.
Calendar View

If you're viewing your Tansy Dashboard on a mobile screen, you can get a quick glimpse of whether your forecast amount on each day is positive or negative.

Calendar View - Mobile

Soon we're adding a table view so you can still see each upcoming event by day even on mobile screens.