Understanding the difference between cash and cashflow is crucial in personal finance. Many traditional budgeting systems focus solely on cash - akin to the water level in a bucket. But what if we could also monitor the speed at which this bucket fills or empties? That's where cashflow comes into play, and it's the cornerstone of Tansy, a revolutionary web app designed to provide a daily cashflow forecast for personal finances.

Cash: The Water Level in the Bucket

Cash represents the amount of money you currently have available – it's the snapshot of your financial state at a given moment. Just like observing the water level in a bucket, cash gives you a clear idea of what resources are at your disposal right now.

Cashflow: The Speed of Filling or Emptying the Bucket

Cashflow, on the other hand, is about movement. It's the measurement of how money flows in and out of your finances over time. Understanding cashflow means recognizing patterns, predicting future states, and being prepared for both the ebbs and flows of your financial life.

The Shortcomings of Traditional Monthly Budgeting Systems

Most budgeting systems focus on the cash – how much you have at the start and end of the month. While this is important, it overlooks the crucial aspect of cashflow. Without understanding the speed and rhythm of your income and expenses, you might miss opportunities for optimization and risk running dry unexpectedly.

Introducing Tansy: A New Approach to Personal Finance

Tansy changes the game by focusing on daily cashflow forecasting. This approach offers a more dynamic and comprehensive understanding of your finances. It’s not just about knowing your current balance; it's about anticipating what will happen next.

  1. Daily Cashflow Forecasting: Tansy provides insights into how your financial decisions today will affect your cash position in the future.
  2. Proactive Financial Management: With Tansy, you're not just tracking expenses; you’re strategically planning them based on anticipated income and outgoings.
  3. Avoiding Financial Pitfalls: By understanding your cashflow, you can foresee and circumvent potential financial issues before they arise.

The Benefits of Managing Cashflow with Tansy

  1. Better Financial Planning: With a clear view of your cashflow, you can make more informed decisions about saving, investing, and spending.
  2. Increased Financial Security: Tansy helps you anticipate and prepare for financial fluctuations, reducing the risk of unexpected shortfalls.
  3. Empowerment in Financial Decision Making: Tansy’s insights equip you with the knowledge to take control of your financial destiny.


Cash and cashflow are both vital components of personal finance. While traditional budgeting methods have largely focused on the former, Tansy embraces the latter, offering a more nuanced and effective way to manage personal finances. By understanding not just what you have, but how it changes over time, you can achieve a level of financial insight and security that was previously unattainable.